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Condensed China is an introduction to Chinese history. It exists to inform, enlighten, and attract netizens interested in China. It is not a complete history of China; I deliberately skipped over and left out a lot of information. This is more like ''Chinese History: the Cliff Notes version" or "Chinese History's Greatest Hits" than a full-fledged history. If I left out something you feel is important, please email me and I will put it in the next time I revise the text.

Table of Contents

The Origins of Chinese Civilization: c. 2200 - 221 BC

Xia: c. 2200 - c. 1750 BC
Shang: c. 1750 - c. 1040 BC
Western Zhou: c. 1100 - 771 BC
Eastern Zhou, The Spring & Autumn Period, and the Warring States: 771 - 221 BC

The Early Empire: 221 BC - AD 589

Qin: 221 - 206 BC
Earlier Han, the Wang Man Interregnum, and the Later Han
The Three Kingdoms and the Dynasties of the North and South

The Second Empire: 589 - 1644

Sui: 589 - 618
Tang: 618 - 907
Northern and Southern Song: 960 - 1279
Yuan (Mongol): 1279 - 1368
Ming: 1368 - 1644

The Birth of Modern China: 1644 - present

Qing (Manchu): 1644 - 1911
Republican China: 1911 - 1949
The People's Republic of China: 1949 - present


Condensed China has become substantially more popular than I had dared hope when I first put this up; I'm averaging more than 6,000 hits a month, no doubt due to being linked from the Washington Post, Popular Science, and GameSpot, as well as from all the major online libraries of Chinese and Asian links. It was also selected as Hong Kong Supernet's first ever "Super exSITEment" user site of the month.

I know, I'm way behind in updating the site. Hong Kong handover coverage will be added soon. My new excuse is that I'm waiting for the Party Congress to finish....

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